Thursday, 23 August 2012

My customised jacket for Alexis Krauss of Sleighbells!

The other week I spent some time screen printing some of my fabric ideas...
Anyway I had some really nice samples and since I was going to see sleighbells a few days later I thought it might be nice to customise a vintage Levis jacket I had for the super foxy Alexis Krauss .


The whole set was phenomenal and I was BLOWN AWAY by Krauss, she fucking tore it up! She crowd surfed, slinked about the stage like the coolest chick you ever seen and on top of that the sound was amazing! This gig was unreal if you get the chance to go see this band, DO IT! Also their videos are too cool...
Anyway in short, after the gig I had the pleasure of meeting Alexis who came out the tour bus with the jacket on! She was so lovely getting her photo taken with the jacket on that I had hand screen printed and embellished for her! She chatted away, so down to earth and generous with her time, she was signing and getting pics with everyone. Top girl!
Anyways I hope she likes it enough that it becomes a permanent part of her wardrobe! Wish I'd had enough time to make something completely from scratch rather then just a customise but hey at least its was Levis.. :)    ps if you see this Krauss,Thank you!!