Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rockin'around the Christmas...

This week I created a christmas window for ASPECTO,West Nile st. Glasgow, which involved designing and then single-handedly painting a pretty mega sexy pin-up Mrs.Clause ..... enjoy the festive holidays when they come!

So if your in Glasgow over the Christmas period please do have a look as inevitably it will be gone in the New Year!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I recently customised a lbd for the breathtakingly talented singer/songwriter Laura St.Jude for the launch of her E.P "FATAL", which is genuinely addictive. This Glasgow girl has thee most tender, captivating voice and is way too sexy to boot.

She put on a beautiful performance at Glasgow's Centre for Contemporary Arts. The intimate stage bathed in red light made for a beautiful spectacle when Miss.St.Jude appeared on stage. All black feathers, velvet, Swaroski crystals, high pony tail, high cut pin-up girl bangs, even higher heels...long legs and even LONGER lashes. SWOON.. to be fair she'd look good in anything!

Before she began a member of the audience turned to another.."have you heard her sing yet?...put your heart in your pocket!" i.e she will steal it as soon as she reveals that voice! You could have heard a pin drop such was the audiences enthralement when she began. The perfect combination of talent and style... you will be jealous! in short...this blog is mainly to say...check this girl out...