Thursday, 7 February 2013

Laura St.Jude

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working again with one of my favourite female musicians, Laura St.Jude. I made a dress which she wore for a breath taking performance last night in Glasgow.  It was a deep red crushed velvet maxi dress, revealing a little of her shoulders and the one full on side split. Obviously this lady would look good in anything but I'm glad she let me make her a little number anyway..

There were various highlights as ever, most spectacularly, her return to stage in her second outfit of the evening. (another dress which I had worked on her previously) to perform a track with another one of my favourite bands, The Amazing Snakeheads who were headlining. Needless to say it was something special. The girl is dynamite! She returned to do vocals on sexy, booming, rock'n'roll number. Lets just say she can def switch it up and hold her own.

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