Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Portrait shoot for a special friend..

I thought I'd get round to mentioning that last year I was asked by my uber cool sister in law, Sandra Hutchinson, to do a photo shoot for her as she has been interviewed for a magazine ( can't quite reveal the details there yet... but its really exciting) for which they needed photos.

The piece itself is on her experience of being part of the Brittish Mod scene since her early teens and her view on its fashion culture for women. Needless to say this lady knows her tunes,dresses cool as fuck and can tear up a dancefloor.. to top it all she is BEAUTIFUL and one of the nicest, most caring people Ive ever had the pleasure of knowing. All in all, it's an honour to know her!

At Lemon Tree Scarbrough 29th April 1988.

Sandra's record pick...very fitting.

 Goes with out saying I was very chuffed she asked me to do her photos despite being offered a photograper by the magazine..! So we spent and afternoon doing some shots in an art gallery in Glasgow. We were joined later by Martin Law, of Glasgow's COOL STRUTTIN. A great day with two very wonderful people and even got a few good pics!One of which has been picked up by Friday Street, Glasgow's premier Mod night, for one of their annual weekend scooter rally events Promo material. 

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